Group insurance services


  • Traditional plans per client or employee categories
  • Modular plans
  • Flexible plans « à la carte »
  • Cost-Plus administrative agreement
  • Fully-insured plans
  • Auto-insured plans/Administrative Services Only (ASO)
  • Refund agreements, modified refund agreements
  • Pooling threshold adapted to your financial risks, subject to market offering
  • Transparent approach with complete documentation and multiple complementary reports
  • Underwriting validation including renewal methodology and current financial agreement with comments and recommendations
  • Benefit analysis and optimization
  • Negotiations with the carrier, renewal presentation to the policyholder and a final global confirmation with the insurer
  • Data collection, validation and objective adjustments with the policyholder
  • Support employee communication plan preparations
  • Renewal explanatory meeting along with an informative-preventive aspect
  • Analysis of services offered by insurers
  • Preparation of requests for proposals to submit to insurers
  • Proposal reception, analysis and negotiation of terms and conditions with insurers
  • Presentation of obtained results and carrier selection
  • Preparation of the new policy’s implementation process
  • Follow-up with new carrier: final adjustments of irregularities and discomforts with their new procedures
  • Dedicated GFMD customer service representative with direct access via toll free number and email
  • Analysis and recommendations of administrative procedures
  • Support the plan administrator with ongoing management:
    – Documentation, reference tools and forms
    – Specific claims follow up and support with the carrier
  • Specialized resources to deal with contentious issues or cases / Privileged contact network with your carrier
  • Carrier/administrator meetings to solve existing problems
  • Meeting with the insured for specific assistance
  • Information and training sessions on policy management, either on site or in GFMD offices
  • Validation of civil liability insurance for plan administrators (errors and omissions)
  • GFMD customer relations management software
  • Optimal utilization of insurance carrier administrative platforms
  • Advisor platform utilization in order to better inform you
  • Efficient internal computer networking between GFMD collaborators
  • Stand-alone Web-based platform for client payroll deductions


  • Electronic enrollment (paper forms also available, if required)
  • Meet with each insured within an agreed timeframe to complete their file, with a similar process for inaccessible individuals
  • Pay-direct or deferred payment drug cards
    – Combined with dental care, if offered by the carrier
  • Direct deposit system for claims
  • Comprehensive Web-Based platform
  • Mobile applications designed for insureds
  • Training: plan’s financial functioning, individual impact insureds have on the global plan and simplification of insurance terminology adapted to the insureds
  • Documentation and reference tools
  • Extend coverage for life / accidental death and dismemberment past 70 years of age
  • Long term disability insurance payable to 70 years of age
  • Specialized medical coverage to complement provincial coverage decisions
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