Group Insurance


Maximize every dollar awarded towards the employee benefits plan, by identifying which coverages best match your insureds’ needs.

At GFMD, your group insurance plan is adapted to your needs and reality. Taking into account your preoccupations and your insureds’ profile, we put forward the most adequate solution, ranging from traditional plans up to a flexible formula « à la carte ». Through a personalized approach and a complete group insurance product offering, we help you to manage your costs while your insureds benefit from the appropriate plan and advantageous coverages.
Group Insurance products

An insurance coverage in response to every life event.


Life insurance (insured and/or dependents)

A lump sum payment in case the insured or a covered dependent dies.


Accidental death and dismemberment

Additional coverage in case of accidental death or severe injury.


Short and long term disability insurance

Income replacement benefit when disabled following an illness or accident.


Health care insurance

Prescription drugs, paramedical practitioners (chiro, physio, etc.), dental care, vision care (eye exams, glasses, etc.).


Travel insurance and assistance

Coverage of emergency medical expenses and international assistance. Cancellation insurance provided with some insurers.


Critical illness insurance

Lump sum cash payment paid out if you are diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy.

Our specialized insurers and suppliers.


For a more complete offer to your insureds.



Counselling service for employees with personal, financial or professional issues.



Optimize your insureds overall health and productivity with a program sourced from one of our top-ranking suppliers.



Coverages adapted to expatriates, immigrant workers as well as for your employees and businesses in the United States.



Employer funded account which may be used to pay for a wide range of health-related expenses not covered by your provincial health plan or your private group insurance plan.



Benefits your insureds have the option to enroll in but for which they fund the entire cost.



Options offered to insureds when the group plan ceases due to retirement or employment termination.


Simplify plan administration in order to minimize time spent by your internal resources and facilitate member participation to the offered plan.


  • Traditional plans per client or employee categories
  • Modular plans
  • Flexible plans « à la carte »
  • Cost-Plus administrative agreement
  • Fully-insured plans
  • Auto-insured plans/Administrative Services Only (ASO)
  • Refund agreements, modified refund agreements
  • Pooling threshold adapted to your financial risks, subject to market offering
  • Transparent approach with complete documentation and multiple complementary reports
  • Underwriting validation including renewal methodology and current financial agreement with comments and recommendations
  • Benefit analysis and optimization
  • Negotiations with the carrier, renewal presentation to the policyholder and a final global confirmation with the insurer
  • Data collection, validation and objective adjustments with the policyholder
  • Support employee communication plan preparations
  • Renewal explanatory meeting along with an informative-preventive aspect
  • Analysis of services offered by insurers
  • Preparation of requests for proposals to submit to insurers
  • Proposal reception, analysis and negotiation of terms and conditions with insurers
  • Presentation of obtained results and carrier selection
  • Preparation of the new policy’s implementation process
  • Follow-up with new carrier: final adjustments of irregularities and discomforts with their new procedures
  • Dedicated GFMD customer service representative with direct access via toll free number and email
  • Analysis and recommendations of administrative procedures
  • Support the plan administrator with ongoing management:
    – Documentation, reference tools and forms
    – Specific claims follow up and support with the carrier
  • Specialized resources to deal with contentious issues or cases / Privileged contact network with your carrier
  • Carrier/administrator meetings to solve existing problems
  • Meeting with the insured for specific assistance
  • Information and training sessions on policy management, either on site or in GFMD offices
  • Validation of civil liability insurance for plan administrators (errors and omissions)
  • GFMD customer relations management software
  • Optimal utilization of insurance carrier administrative platforms
  • Advisor platform utilization in order to better inform you
  • Efficient internal computer networking between GFMD collaborators
  • Stand-alone Web-based platform for client payroll deductions


  • Electronic enrollment (paper forms also available, if required)
  • Meet with each insured within an agreed timeframe to complete their file, with a similar process for inaccessible individuals
  • Pay-direct or deferred payment drug cards
    – Combined with dental care, if offered by the carrier
  • Direct deposit system for claims
  • Comprehensive Web-Based platform
  • Mobile applications designed for insureds
  • Training: plan’s financial functioning, individual impact insureds have on the global plan and simplification of insurance terminology adapted to the insureds
  • Documentation and reference tools
  • Extend coverage for life / accidental death and dismemberment past 70 years of age
  • Long term disability insurance payable to 70 years of age
  • Specialized medical coverage to complement provincial coverage decisions
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