Innovate to better manage

Since your employee benefits priorities guide our approach and advice, we will ensure we clearly understand your reality and so provide you with the most optimal plan. To offer you the best possible solution, we first analyse your concerns:

Optimize and
manage costs

Our advisors possess the necessary expertise to maximize the fiscal efficiency of your employee benefits. A specific needs analysis with regards to benefits and having access to all group insurance products offered on the Canadian market allows us to propose a custom-made plan which satisfies the policyholder as much as the insured.

Contribute to the health and
wellness of your insured employees

Your insureds are more inclined to feel greater satisfaction and show a high rate of commitment if you care about their health and well-being. With the analysis of your group insurance plan utilization, our team can help you target solutions susceptible to improve the health and wellness of your insureds.

Innovate and adapt your benefit
plans to your insured’s needs

With a flexible and diversified offer, we take into account your reality in order to offer you a group insurance plan that best responds to your group’s characteristics (age, status, etc.) while fostering the achievement of their respective objectives. Our proactive approach ensures that the plan’s elaboration and administration will be done in conjunction with your group’s evolving needs.

Simplify your plan administration
and save significant time

At GFMD, we bet on unparalleled customer service along with a simplified and personalized administration to reduce your time spent on group insurance plan management. Each client is assigned a contact person from our customer service to ensure personalized support that will enable you to maximize plan administration tools at your disposal.

Attract, retain and mobilize
your personnel

Perceived as a type of reward or compensation, employee benefits represent an undeniable asset to face competition aiming at seducing potential candidates and recognizing the job quality provided by your workforce.

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